Jesse Walker

5 months ago

Absolutely top-notch training and and amazingly friendly staff. Without a doubt this is the highest quality and most approachable BJJ program in the city. Do yourself a favor and try them out. Chris and his crew deserve your business.


Richard Cabanas

a year ago-

By far the best place to go ever, everyone needs to come here, it's so much fun, fighting, learning, and much more. It is truly by far the best place to go. Everyone is super friendly, nice, and they help you with everthing it feels more like a family. Chris Griffin is by far the best teacher/instructor I've ever had and met. Honestly I can't say enough great things about this place because I absolutely love it and everybody there.


Joey Gillock

a year ago

I recently signed up with GSA. This place is phenomenal! I’ve tried some other schools in the Louisville area and they have a lot to offer as well. However, this place felt like home, day 1. The instructions have been beneficial, to say the least, and the different view points received from other instructors and skilled students that Chris brings in only further and deepen the lessons that are the foundation and principals jiu-jitsu is based upon. I urge anyone that finds this post that is looking to make a solid difference and impact in their life to give Chris a call. See you on the mat!


Michael Turnbill

5 years ago

I've been training at Griffins Submission Academy for a little over a year now and I couldn't be happier. The atmosphere of the gym is very laid back, while still producing serious results. I can honestly say that the things I've learned here have made me a better person and improved my life substantially.


Chris is an excellent teacher, a skilled martial artist, and a very friendly and helpful guy. If you want to get in shape, learn how to defend yourself, and have a lot of fun in the process, this is definitely the place for you.


Brian March

3 years ago

Been attending nearly 2 months now and I couldn't be happier. I was new to grappling and kickboxing when I started and the owner was super cool and really has a way of teaching that I really like. It's super relaxed and I love being apart of it.



Amanda steinbach

4 years ago

Best decision I've made this year.  The most fun I've had in I can't remember how long.  I was so nervous and everyone was so nice and the owner couldn't be a better choice for a teacher. Save yourself some time and check this place out first!


Matthew Hisle

2 years ago

Best MMA gym in town. Chris uses effective ways to teach, and is one of the coolest guys I have ever met!


C. Zimmerman

7 years ago-

Love gong to GSA and rolling and to learn BJJ. I moved to Louisville 2 years ago and scouted the area for a couple of weeks for a good BJJ gym. Chris was was very inviting, a great teacher, and easy to get along with. I picked GSA for its well rounded diversity of coaches all at different belt levels and in multiple martial arts. There is something to do every day from beginner to advanced. He doesn't treat people like clients he treats them like friends and urges them and pushes them in a good way to be the best they can on the mat. Very diverse student group from white belt to black belt, from beginner to professional fighter. Multiple students have gone on to win medals or fights with Griff's help and coaching. He does a great job of pulling other instructors from gyms to come teach seminars and Carlson Gracie Jr. has even stopped by a few times. No. Big. Deal. It may not be big and flashy but who needs that? Great coaches, good people, and mat are all you need to be successful.


Heather Tennill

4 years ago

This place is amazing. I'm a complete noob to BJJ and I'm comfortable learning from these guys. The atmosphere is great really laid back. Chris is super nice and helpful.


dave Adkins

3 years ago

I always have a great time training at GSA.  It is always a fun, friendly and educational experience.


Jeff Parks

6 years ago-

Great bjj gym. Christopher has a lot of subtle aspects of more common techniques that are very effective and that I haven't seen in other gyms that I've been in. The best BJJ in Louisville



Antonio Pantoja


6 years ago-

Hands down, the greatest group of guys in Louisville. Chris Griffin is one of the nicest, most talented people I've ever met in my life. He works hand and foot to ensure that his gym is a "no-ego", welcoming group.


He takes time individually with every student. He doesn't throw you to the wolves. He will give you the opportunity to ease into learning but still take it at your own pace.


The other trainers there that support the gym are AMAZING as well. Jose Rodriguez and Jin Choi are amazing at what they do.


Bottom line, you are definitely going to get a good workout. If you are going for self defense, you will learn it. If you want to compete, you've also found the right place.


The classes are timed perfectly and spacious enough to allow room for beginners to advanced level practitioners to have adequate time to train. The veteran's willingness to help others learn and grow is something to be applauded.


This gym is proactive about growth whether we're speaking in terms of personal fitness, getting bullied in school, competing in tournaments, or for your own personal goals.


Honestly, getting signed up with that gym has given me lifelong friends whom I now consider family. Chris will make sure that you are comfortable when you walk in those doors. He literally might be the funniest person I've ever met in my life.


I can't say enough positive things. I'm so thankful I have met those guys. I'm so proud to know them.



Jason Paul

5 years ago-

This is the best mma/bjj gym I've ever been too

You won't find a more quality gym and the price won't break the bank

Great coaches and a great atmosphere





Yinka Oyekunle

7 years ago-

Griffin's Academy is the place I've been searching to learn & grow in martial arts. He's a phenomenal teacher who's EXTREMELY passionate about teaching and creating a safe, structured (and fun) learning environment. He's students is Chris' only priority... doesn't matter if you're training to compete, for self defense, fitness or for the art of it.


You WILL get in shape... (I literally lost 5 lbs my first week). Make sure you get proper gear (they will assist you in getting what you need and even if you don't have it, they'll help you). 


AND... you'll definitely get your monies worth for all the disciplines & conditioning taught there. Most places charge twice the amount of Chris' monthly membership for ONE discipline... here you're offered Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (gi & no gi), Boxing, Submission Grappling and MMA Training... (its almost a steal!!)


I HIGHLY recommend Griffin's Submission Academy to anyone and everyone 


Kevin Baker

3 years ago

Great teachings in a comfortable atmosphere.

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